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When are you on air?
Saturday afternoons between 4 and 7.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Yellow River by Christie.

What's your favourite single from 2004?
Don't know - I'm Stuck In The 80s!

And your favourite album?
See above, but my wife reckons it is Maroon 5's Songs About Jane.

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Eastgate Through The Night

The Breakfast Show with Daniel Beale

The Morning Show with Neil Walker

The Eastgate Music Sweep

Drivetime with Dan Bransby

The Echo news show

Juliette Bird

Danny Lawrence

Stuck In The Eighties with Richard Nott

On Saturday 4 December Richard Nott is giving away two pairs of tickets to see the HUMAN LEAGUE at the Regent in Ipswich on 13 December.

To have a chance of winning tune in to 87.7FM or listen on the web - click Listen Live to tune in now.

Three hours of music from that glorious decade interspersed with fun and trivia from the decade that brought us shoulder pads, scary hair and cabbage patch dolls. Each week I shall be going back to a particular year during the middle hour of the show, bringing you the news, films, TV shows, trivia and music from that year. I would love to hear your 80s memories and requests. Contact me via the website or call me during the show.

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