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When are you on air?
1-4pm every Saturday and Sunday on Bully's Big One, and Thursday 7-10pm on Bully's Boogie Box.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys, 'cos you could colour the back of the record sleeve in.

What's your favourite single from 2004?
Was there one, did I miss something? from a commercial point of view, being a soul boy, I can only think of Joss Stone, but I'm not really into singles! (Hopeless answer. See me after class - Website Headmaster)

And your favourite album?
Maxwell has a new album and being a fan I think I'm going for this one - however I'm trapped as The Beatles have a album release soon!

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Eastgate Through The Night

The Breakfast Show with Daniel Beale

The Morning Show with Neil Walker

The Eastgate Music Sweep

Drivetime with Dan Bransby

The Echo news show

Juliette Bird

Danny Lawrence

Bully's Boogie Box with Darren Bull

You heard the club classics on other radio stations, Bully's Boogie Box will really bring you the club classics! With a mixture of flare-flapping floor fillers from the 70s through to dance floor divas of the 90s, the tunes that will make you think back to the days when summers seemed so long - there is a real mixture of good time music for a Thursday evening. From A list soul weekenders to the legends of disco. It's all thrown together with an added party feeling - let your weekend start 1 day early and join me on Thursday evenings for a club classic fest.

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