Daniel's profile

When are you on air?
I'm "doing the breakfast show" between 7 and 10 every weekday morning.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Bad by Michael Jackson.

What's your favourite single from 2004?
Cannonball by Damien Rice.

And your favourite album?
The Final Straw by Snow Patrol (was it this year?) (It came out in February so we'll let you have that one - pedantic web Ed)

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Eastgate Through The Night

The Breakfast Show with Daniel Beale

The Morning Show with Neil Walker

The Eastgate Music Sweep

Drivetime with Dan Bransby

The Echo news show

Juliette Bird

Danny Lawrence

The Cosmic Breakfast Show with Daniel Beale

It won't be like your normal Breakfast!

Have a listen as Daniel Beale makes up the Eastgate FM Breakfast Show live on air every morning.

We can guarantee that you get the News, Travel and Weather every hour, along with regular features:

  • On This Day - Some factual information for the day ahead!
  • The Advent Calendar - We eat chocolate!
  • Show Off Your Show - Eastgates FM's very best presenters join Daniel to plug their shows!
  • Barenaked Xmas - Sing along to the Christmas classics!
  • The Big Debate - We ask some important questions!
  • Record Of The Weak - We make sure everyday we play at least one naff record!
  • Don't Phone, It's A Pain In The Bum - Text your answer only, phone calls are banned!
Please feel free to email the show at any time, with ideas, suggestions, or cash offers.

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