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Hi Basildon -it's good to be back on Basildon's Christmas radio station, 87.7 EASTGATE FM. Join me, Dan Bransby, Monday to Friday 3-7pm for Drivetime - as well as keeping your 'DRIVE ALIVE' with regular travel updates that concern you I will have some amusing local stories and 'bits and pieces' to add a bit of cool festive fun in between some of the best songs you would want to hear as you go about your daily routine and preparing for Christmas - not long now!

Entertainment info is also high on the agenda, and there's a lot going on around Basildon, so all in all it's going to be a packed show.

Listen out also for the Eastgate FM Travel Hotline number and you can also help keep Basildon's 'Drive Alive' by calling in ... hands free of course if you are in your car!

Tune in to Basildon's Christmas radio station, 87.7 Eastgate FM and 'BRING OUT THE BRANSBY'.

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